Test Nasional English Language Junior High School Edition 2003

Test Nasional English Language Junior High School Edition 2003

Choose one answer


Many people like camping indeed, camping is one of the most interesting hobbies. Camping is not very expensive. We can make the equipment from odds and ends. And we can do this long before we go camping.

Camping is very useful for us. Camping can make us love our environment. It can also make us more friendly camping trains us to work cooperatively.

When you go camping with some friends, do not forget to distribute the jobs. For example some of you put up the tent, some cook the meal, some others are responsible for the first aid. You can also ask some of your friends to entertain all the members. Perhaps one of you will sing a country song or read a poem.

You can enjoy camping very much because you can do many interesting things. If you are near a swimming pool, you may have a swimming competition, you can play some sports, dance, or draw the panorama. You can bring your tape recorder or radio and enjoy your favorite music or you can even play football with the students nearby.

Choose the correct a, b, c, or d.

1. Why is camping very useful for us?

Because it can ….

  1. entertain us

  2. teach us to sing

  3. teach us some sport

  4. make us love our environment

2. What do we have to remember when we go camping?

  1. To put up the tent

  2. To distribute the jobs

  3. To read a poem

  4. To train our friend

3. “Camping trains us to work cooperatively (paragraph 2)

The underlined word means ….

  1. hard

  2. easily

  3. happily

  4. together

Read the text to answer the question 4 – 6.

Executive service

Great Facilities

Where the difference is service”

Rate starting from US $ 55 per day for long staying guest 1, 2 3 bedroom suites with kitchenettes


  • design swimming pool

  • full equipped meeting room

close to the Jakarta International School 5 minutes to Pondok Indah.

Direct lines available for further details

Phone. 750 – 7050/760/9070

Fox. 750 – 7110.

4. What facilities does the hotel provide for its guests:

  1. Public swimming pool

  2. Executive Service

  3. Transportation

  4. Education

5. Rate starting from US$ 55 per day ….

The underlined word means, the lowest daily … is US$ 55

  1. rent

  2. charge

  3. contract

  4. discount

6. The location of this hotel is not … from the Jakarta International school.

  1. distant

  2. isolated

  3. long

  4. far

Wacana 2

Rudi, the All England Star

Rudi Hartono was the best badminton player in Indonesia. He was born on August 18,1949 in Surabaya. He won the All England Tournament eight times. He set a record by winning 7 times consecutively from 1968 until 1974. It was a record since the first tournament was held in 1939. His extraordinary talent attracted the badminton observers. Referee Horbert Scheele called him “wonder boy”.

In the age of seventeen he joined the Thailand and Malaysia tournaments. In 1969 he won three big titles: All England, Canada and the United States Tournaments. He won the Denmark Tournament in 1971 and 1973. In 1972 he won the first World Invitation Tournament in Jakarta.

In 1967 he supported the Thomas Cup team. He was the youngest player. He beat Tan Aik Huang and Yew Cheng Hoe. He joined the Thomas Cup again in 1970, 1973, 1976 and 1979. He was the player who joined the Thomas Cup the most often.

On May 1980 he won the World Badminton Champion ship II in Jakarta. In 1981 he was for the first time defeated by Prakash Padukone (India). In 1982 he was defeated by Luan Yin (China).

Rudi was the most admired player during 1963 – 1976. He was presented the Bintang Satya Lencana Kebudayaan. He was also declared as “The best player of the year” in 1970 by the International Badminton Federation.

7. When did Rudi join the Thomas Cup for the first time?

  1. in 1967

  2. in 1969

  3. 1974

  4. 1979

8. Rudi lost the All England Cup in … before he won it again for the 8th time in 1976.

  1. 1968

  2. 1969

  3. 1975

  4. 1979

9. Rudi Hartono joined the international tournament for the first time at the age of ….

  1. seventeen

  2. eighteen

  3. nineteen

  4. twenty

10. How many times did he support the Thomas Cup team?

  1. Twice

  2. Three times

  3. Four times

  4. Five times

11. Mia Audina lost in the final Badminton Champion ship in the Atlanta Olympic Games.

Journalist : What do you think of your rival Mia ?

Mia : Well, I think she did her best. But I hope I’ll beat her in the other event.

The underlined word has the same meaning as ….

  1. enemy

  2. person competing with another

  3. loser

  4. teammate

Bacaan untuk soal nomor 12 sampai dengan 14

Urgently Required

As part of a big group of companies in manufacturing, a new G I sheet manufacturer in Cibitung seeks:

  • Head Office –

  1. Senior Accountant

  • Factory –

  1. Accounting Staff

  2. Loqistic Staff

  3. Operator

  4. Geologist Engineer

  5. Mining Engineer


1 : min: experiences 5 years

2,5,6 : min experiences 2 years

2,3 : D3

  1. : Tax experiences

  2. : Export Import experiences

  3. : max 25 years/Mech/Instr/STM/D1

Please send your application, CV, recent photo, contact telp no within 3 weeks after this advertisement to:

The Personal Manager

PO Box 141 Bekasi 17014

12. The advertisement above is about ….

  1. accounting

  2. factories

  3. manufacturing

  4. job vacancies

13. The company is seeking for two engineers to be placed in the ….

  1. head office

  2. factory

  3. head office and factory

  4. head office or factory

14. What kind of people does the company need?

  1. Polite people

  2. Energetic people

  3. Uneducated people

  4. Experienced people

15. I had a plane ticket for the first flight, but I failed to fly because of some reasons. The flight was postponed for more than 2 hours.

The underlined word means ….

  1. can celled

  2. crashed

  3. delayed

  4. stopped

16. X: Why don’t you water your plants ?

Look, they are beginning to dry up:

Y: I hope it will rain soon

X: ….

  1. I think they will soon wither

  2. Probably the will grow

  3. Perhaps it will rain

  4. I think they can bear the heat

17. Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph.

  1. He touched it, lifted it, took it home and dried it

  2. Its feathers were wet and it looked tired and cold.

  3. One morning Budi found a pigeon on the ground.

  4. The pigeon lay there as though it was dead.

  5. The dryer kept it warm and after a while the pigeon looked alive.

  1. 3 – 4 – 2 – 1 – 5

  2. 3 – 1 – 2 – 4 – 5

  3. 3 – 5 – 4 – 1 – 2

  4. 3 – 4 – 1 – 2 – 5

18. A snake is about to bite Susi

Susi : Come on Vita

Vita : … Susi. There is a snake behind you

Susi : Oh, thank you for warning me

  1. Excuse me

  2. Watch out

  3. Terrific

  4. Look at

19. The word night has the same pronunciation as ….

  1. Knight

  2. knit

  3. neigh

  4. net

20. If all countries in the world take part in the Family Planning Programme ….

  1. there will be a rise in the rate of unemployment

  2. the population growth will be controlled

  3. the birth rate will soon decrease

  4. the death rate will be higher

Wacana 4

About 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is water almost all of it in the oceans. Land makes up about 30 percent. The oceans have an average depth of 3.730 metres. The deepest known part of any ocean is in Mariana Trench, a long, narrow depression under the Pacific Ocean southwest of Guam. Its bottom lies 11.033 metres below the surface. The Earth’s land has an average height of 840 metres above sea level. The highest peak is the top of Mount Everest in Asia; 8.848 metres above sea level. The lowest point is the Dead Sea in Israel about 399 metres below sea level.

21. The correct sentence is ….

  1. The earth’s surface is about 30 percent land

  2. The lowest land is the Mariana Trench

  3. The highest land is 840 metres above sea level

  4. The lowest land is 11.033 metres below the sea surface

22. “… almost all of it in the oceans”

the underlined word refers to ….

  1. surface

  2. earth

  3. 70 percent

  4. water

23. About 70 percent of … (line 1)

The underlined word has the same meaning as

  1. approximately

  2. nearly

  3. almost

  4. plus minus

Wacana 5

Minutes after an event took place, newspapers are on the street giving the details. Wherever anything happens in the world, journalists are on the sport to gather the news. Newspapers have one basic purpose to get news as quickly as possible

24. The word “details” in the text means ….

  1. a collection of small facts

  2. various kinds of information

  3. a specific news on the events

  4. parts of the whole information

25. The word … is the same meaning as “journalist”

  1. editor

  2. subscriber

  3. reader

  4. reporters

26. “On the sport” in the text means at the actual place where ….

  1. the news is being printed

  2. something is happening or has happened

  3. the people are listening to the news broadcast

  4. the people can buy the newspaper

27. “To gather” in the text has a meaning of ….

  1. to collect

  2. together

  3. to keep

  4. to print

28. Evander Holyfield is a great boxer and … is Larry Holmes

  1. too

  2. so

  3. neither

  4. either

29. Most of the countries in the world have tried to preserve the endangered animal species … these things are too hard to do in some African countries because people there still need to hunt these animals for food.

  1. although

  2. when

  3. and

  4. because

30. X: “Where shall we go for the weekend?”

Y: “What about going to the movie?”

X: That would be lovely

The underlined utterance shows ….

  1. an apology

  2. sympathy

  3. an agreement

  4. a disagreement

31. Mother asked Susi to buy everything is written on the shopping list.

Where should she go ?

  1. To a florist

  2. To a butcher

  3. To a green grocer

  4. To a grocery store

32. A. Which do you prefer, trousers or shorts?

B. I … trousers better

  1. prefer

  2. like

  3. need

  4. want

33. X: The stove is new, isn’t it?

Y: Yes, I bought it at the Mira Plaza Yesterday.

What do you think of it?

X: I like it ….

  1. It is quite nice

  2. It is too heavy

  3. It costs too much

  4. It doesn’t work properly

34. Fill in the box with the right punctuation Mother usually goes to the market on Sunday morning She buys two packages of tea two kilos of sugar and a bottle of coffee What about your mother

  1. /./:/?

  2. ./,/./?

  3. ,/?/.?:

  4. ?/./,/.

Wacana 6

Indonesia is famous for its rich natural resources. Forests are one of our richest assets. Many island still have areas covered by dense forests. We can find them in Kalimantan, Sumatera, Sulawesi, and Papua. Our forests produce timber, rattan, resin, rubber, and many other important raw materials. They are used to produce goods for our home market or for export. The forests also have other functions: namely as reservation, prevention of the flood, purification of air pollution and recreation objects.

A forest can store enormous quantities water during the rainy season. To gather with man-made reservoirs there is water that can be used during the dry season. They prevent the rivers from flooding. They purify the air, because trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.

We can find plentiful of flora and fauna in the forests. So, we have to do our almost best to keep forests intact and protect them from being damaged.

35. These island have dense forests, except ….

  1. Kalimantan

  2. Papua

  3. Sumatera

  4. Java

36. How does a forest prevent a river from flood ….

  1. The trees can store rain water

  2. All water come into the river

  3. The government builds reservoirs

  4. The forest can purify the air

37. When can Indonesia forests store a lot of water ?

They can reserve a lot of water ….

  1. at the beginning of the year

  2. at the end of the year

  3. during the rainy season

  4. during the dry season

38. The antonym of to exhale is ….

  1. expire

  2. inhale

  3. release

  4. bring

39. Mount Leuser National Park contains some of Sumatra’s most spectacular forest.

The underlined word means ….

  1. menyenangkan

  2. lebat

  3. menakjubkan

  4. gundul

40. A: What did you do on your holiday ?

B: I went to Bali. It’s really beautiful

A: You enjoyed your stay there, …. ?

B: Sure. Very much

  1. do you

  2. didn’t you

  3. were you

  4. weren’t you


1. Jawab: D

2. Jawab: B

3. Jawab: D

4. Jawab: B

5. Jawab: B

6. Jawab: D

7. Jawab: A

8. Jawab: C

9. Jawab: A

10. Jawab: D

11. Jawab: B

12. Jawab: D

13. Jawab: B

14. Jawab: D

15. Jawab: C

16. Jawab: A

17. Jawab: A

18. Jawab: B

19. Jawab: A

20. Jawab: C

21. Jawab: A

22. Jawab: D

23. Jawab: A

24. Jawab: C

25. Jawab: D

26. Jawab: B

27. Jawab: A

28. Jawab: B

29. Jawab: A

30. Jawab: C

31. Jawab: C

32. Jawab: B

33. Jawab: A

34. Jawab: B

35. Jawab: D

36. Jawab: A

37. Jawab: C

38. Jawab: B

39. Jawab: C

40. Jawab: B


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